How did moriarty fake his death

The criminals needed to believe that Sherlock and the Moriarty network were unrelated.

how did moriarty fake his death

When it starts, for a brief moment a real, living person's shape is visible, the real Moriarty we see in the end saying 'Miss me', only turned back, as if it was a reflection in a mirror. Who delivers the Great Game to Sherlock?

He certainly worked on his plans with her, but he was definitely both a murderer and a very eccentric and grandiose person.

how did moriarty fake his death

And what better way to gather that trust than through infiltration? I'm not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion.

That's what we understand from the visions Sherlock has. Follow 3 Kudos.

how did moriarty fake his death

At around 0: Season 3 of the series ends with Sherlock's forced suicide mission to Eastern Europe cut short by a broadcast. Sherlock's life story for information about Moriarty's network.

how did moriarty fake his death

How did he survive? What does matter is what it means for Sherlock. I think the rooftop handshake which, IMO, was slightly out of chararacter for Jim was the sign Moriarty gave to "kill" himself.

How did Moriarty survive his suicide?

Moriarty could've made a deal with Sherlock that if his suicide was more convincing than Sherlock's, then he wouldn't reveal the full extent of his network. But why should they agree to fake their own death?

How Moriarty survived the blow to the head (Sherlock BBC)

Although, I read it came out roughly the same time Moriarty was re-introduced. Or perhaps Moriarty has siblings. I also doubt that we'll ever know how Moriarty faked his death if he is still alive.

Did Sherlock’s sister Eurus ‘re-program’ Moriarty?

How did Moriarty survive his suicide? I thin his twin took his place. I just sent in the contribution up one, about the cabbie. It wasn't disgracing Sherlock and trying to make him commit suicide...

how did moriarty fake his death

That was my thought when I watched the last episode yesterday.