How to do cleaning up achievement mop

This achievement is easy, but may take a while.

how to do cleaning up achievement mop

ALL your energy needs to be on the boss Go fast. You will need some minor offheals during this phase. Not sure if anyone knows this but the door behind Lorewalker Stonestep is supposed to open when he dies.

MOP: Operation Cleanup Achievements

The three Sha that come out of the door after this either need to be CCs or killed. To obtain the achievement, you should kill the sha adds locked in prisons around the room.

how to do cleaning up achievement mop

Oh well, at least I was still able to loot the boss. It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database up-to-date! No idea why the others would unlock but not it. Deze kreet naar nieuw raider bloed staat dan ook onder het motto "Life is a party and everyone is invited". Interrupting the Minions' Shattering cast, as it causes a damage debuff. Scarlet Halls.

how to do cleaning up achievement mop

In order to get it you must have 3 stacks of Resin Residue. When they do, you should bow back to them.

Glory of the Pandaria Hero (HC Dungeon Achievements)

It is applied upon the death of Wise Mari and lasts for 5 minutes. When this player detonates the entire stack will detonate aswell granting you the acievement. To do this achievement, you need to kill the final boss within 5 minutes of killing the Water boss. Add to list...

how to do cleaning up achievement mop

The routes described above are correct, backtracking and going through the middle gives you those extra seconds.

Remember to make good time when killing the adds in the courtyard, and Liu herself. Engage the boss as soon as the CC's are up or any remaining Minions are dead , pull him as far backwards into his room as possible, make sure your DPS is aware they will need to refresh CC on the adds during the encounter! If you have any questions regarding this achievement, feel free to PM me or comment here.

Cleaning Up

Pretty easy nowadays. Whoever has the Touch of Nothingness debuff should stand to the side of your group away from your group to prevent AoE damage! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It is all about timing, and if you really cannot make it, it is probably because of a shortage of DPS.

Glory of the Pandaria Hero

We feared, rooted, cycloned adds until he casts 'Wither Soul' then we popped AoEs and managed to burn them down at the same time. Heroism makes this a lot easier, and is really recommended for this. For every bit of damage you take you will get hatred, once you have maximum hatred you will get a debuff that will: Things to keep in mind: