How to install voile wire

If the window is recessed into the wall, the two facing surfaces will be the vertical sides of the window frame. Help answer questions Learn more. Language Video available in: Please try again. A curtain rod is usually placed 6 inches 15. The length of the rod should actually be slightly smaller.

how to install voile wire

The width of the curtains can extend slightly past the width of the window if desired, but the total width of the gathered voile should be no more than 1 foot 30 cm longer than the width of the window. Pick out the style that coordinates best with the look of your room.

How to Hang a Curtain With Wire

Whether you're opting for a quick and easy window treatment or you just need a simple, decorative room divider, suspending a curtain by wire lends a relaxed look to a room. The tension rod will need to be placed in between two facing surfaces. Use a pencil to lightly mark where the curtain rod brackets will need to be on the wall above the window.

how to install voile wire

Secure the tension rod into a window recess. Mark the correct placement of the rod.

Install Curtains on a Wire and Net Curtains

If you are hanging double curtains, you will need to make sure that both curtains are on the rod before you install it. Install the rings or hooks onto the curtain and hang the curtain onto the cable. Each pleat will require 3 inches of fabric per pleat, and 3" between pleats.

If you're hanging the voile with a second curtain, try using a double curtain rod.

how to install voile wire

Hanging Curtains In other languages: The solution should tell you how long the voile needs to be. Determine the finished length, and add 8" to create a full 4" hem. If done correctly, the curtain rod should rest securely inside both brackets and the voile should hang evenly. To improve the timing, click here: Voile is lightweight and transparent, so it will never provide the full privacy a normal set of curtains would offer. Cut a length of aircraft cable to this dimension, using wire cutters.

Curtain wires

Using curtains that are slightly larger can make the window appear larger, thereby making the room seem lighter and more open. Do not cut off the drawstrings after adjusting the pleats. Cut the cable to size with some cable cutting pliers leaving a small margin so that you can keep it taut. Learn more... This type of curtain rod will allow you to open and close each curtain separately.