What does hannah dolo mean

Maternal health is one of the areas which has been hardest hit by the shortfall in medical personnel. But there, she has encountered a whole new set of challenges. How the art world's hunger for ancient artefacts is destroying a centuries-old culture. The midwife who fled Boko Haram.

A journey across the Himalayas. Hannah Gibson, 36, first heard about Ebola when she arrived in Liberia in March 2014. You can take action," she says. By the end of the first year, while the country was in the midst of the Ebola crisis, Gibson was managing her own cases and performing surgeries in the operating theatre.

Have your say. Trump on North Korea: Dr Bernice Dahn, Liberia's minister of health. Hannah Gibson, midwife. Five nurses died as a result of the initial misdiagnosis and panic spread across the county's healthcare services.

For the pilot, two experienced midwives were recruited to undergo a two-year training course followed by a year-long internship.

what does hannah dolo mean

Qatar condemns deadly attack on Saudi palace in Jeddah. The exodus of skilled healthcare professionals continued post-conflict Maternal mortality is high: But it remains high.

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The female surgeons of Somalia. In 2011, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf set out a five-year plan to dramatically reduce maternal mortality rates in Liberia. The patient deteriorated despite treatment and the staff realised that this was the first Ebola case in the county.

You have to tell your children to go away, not to come around you," Gibson, a mother of three girls, recalls.

The life-saving work of one Liberian midwife

Now in her third year, Gibson is currently stationed at Redemption Hospital in Monrovia with two new trainees. While her new qualification is only recognised in Liberia, Gibson is adamant that she wouldn't leave even if she had the opportunity.

what does hannah dolo mean

Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn't killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Many doctors had fled when armed conflict ravaged the country between 1989 and 2003, and the temptation of better-paid positions overseas ensured an exodus of skilled healthcare professionals in the years that followed. She helps the senior doctors provide training and mentors the new recruits.

It is a responsibility that she relishes.

what does hannah dolo mean

Sudan's midwives tackle FGM. Dan Boaden is a documentary filmmaker and journalist whose work covers the fields of health, science and technology. According to Dr Obed Dolo, master trainer at C B Dunbar for the task-shifting programme, the training has enabled doctors at the hospital to focus on other cases and has increased the capacity of the hospital to treat simple pregnancy complications, saving many mothers' lives as a result.

what does hannah dolo mean