What the hell is half life 3

what the hell is half life 3

Assuming Laidlaw didn't make the whole thing up to mess with people as Valve employees like to do, remember , Half-Life 3 would end with Alyx Vance murdering Dr.

Tagged with Valve , Half-life 2: So Brad Muir can retire from making games.

what the hell is half life 3

The URL now leads to a potential phishing site, so we've disabled it. A sound decision! Loading Video... The information provided was deep, detailed, and not at all flashy in the way of most other gag teases, and its veracity was backed, in ways he couldn't or wouldn't make clear, by the forum mod.

You know why there's no Half-Life 3, but here it is again

Variety is key! Half-Life 2 got people using steam in order to play the game, even though people really weren't happy about that at the time. Which gang of comedy doofuses cooked this one up, you wonder? What's especially interesting about the story is that it's basically "gender-swapped fan fiction," as we called it: This leak came to us through the bad luck of artist Andrea Wicklund, whose Picasa portfolio ended up spilling concept art all over the net.

WheresDerrick Follow Forum Posts: Unlike most other developers Valve now runs a digital retail store, while also maintaining both Dota 2 and CS: Jump to comments 120.

what the hell is half life 3

Valve is a company with a limited number of employees who are self-directed. The are probably working on one or two new games regardless of how well steam does.

Seriously, why haven't they made Half Life 3?!

Bring back the main forum list. I'd love to see a new Half-Life game. They've rested on their laurels and have consistently dipped in quality. An online PC platform requires a lot of developers too, and someone has to make the steam updates for the UI, joystick, big picture, etc... Yesiamaduck Follow Forum Posts: In fact, they release the game almost specifically to push the platform.