How to make canadian bacon from hamlet

Just like when we made belly bacon , we need pink curing salt and a way to smoke the pork.

how to make canadian bacon from hamlet

Just a word of caution. Saltpeter is potassium nitrate.

how to make canadian bacon from hamlet

Purchases made through these links cost you nothing extra but allow me to bring you more giant step-by-step cured meat tutorials. Stirring occasionally, heat the brine over medium heat until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved. It can also be pan fried after cold smoking. Pellicle Option 1: I made the Canadian Bacon exactly as the recipe tells you.

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how to make canadian bacon from hamlet

I just gotta say I have lived in Canada my entire life and have never had it or seen it sold, go figure Eh! His book, no doubt, will encourage new debates about issues that were previously thought settled. Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness is a radical new interpretation of the most famous play in the English language.

Speaking of pink salt.

Canadian Bacon

Cheers ko. Here are a few: Pinning and stumbling. Oh my God, evil toxic additives. Put a 60-70 watt pencil soldering iron through the center hole, up past the screws that hold the tip in, not covering any cooling holes in the iron.

This stuff goes by names like Prague powder 1, Instacure 1. If you used pure sodium nitrite you would not be able to accurately measure it for small quantities of meat.

How To Make Canadian Bacon At Home

Put that back into the refrigerator for 24 hours to air dry. Squeeze as much air as possible from the bags, then place the filled bags in a high-sided roasting pan and place the pan in the refrigerator for 72 hours.

how to make canadian bacon from hamlet

Salt alone has been used to cure and preserve meat quite successfully for thousands of years so nitrates and nitrites are not absolutely essential. This is as simple as bringing all the ingredients up to a simmer just to ensure all the salt is dissolved. Trim the pork loin down to fit into two or more gallon sized resealable freezer bags. Canadian Bacon has nothing to do with Canada as far as I can tell — maybe some of my readers North of the border can chime in.