What if temperature is below 98.6

Human thyroid hormone comes in two major configurations: This can be done by preventing the 4 mechanisms by which heat loss can occur, including: You may want to find a doctor who can assist you with a good detox to start, and then address your thyroid issues.

A 2014 report by CDC shows that the number of people who die due to winter-related cold is twice than that of those who die due to summer-related heat. Vanessa Lindgren January 4, 2015 at 6: Hi Kim: Certainly, I believe you would feel and fare much better with a normal body temperature. Huge craving for salmon and mackerel. Mild unsteadiness in balance or walking.

Some doctors look at patients like you all day and see nothing wrong and do nothing for them. Use any available heat source like heaters, hot water bottles, an electric blanket, heat packs to begin warming the person slowly.

This is a situation when you can no longer move your muscles because they are frozen. Denis Wilson March 16, 2014 at 7: How is it treated? The confused thinking can also lead to risk-taking behavior. I can sleep 12-15 easily what do u think is wrong????? Your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms.

I am always hot. Hi Kevin, it may be that if you can get your average temperature normalized with proper treatment that you may not be uncomfortable when your temperature is normal.

what if temperature is below 98.6

My skin is extremely dry still, however my hair has stopped falling out by the handfuls and my nails are finally not peeling back.

I am always tired but can never seem to get enough sleep.

10 Causes of Low Body Temperature

Learn how to identify and treat this condition. I have been to my doctor and they seem to think a 96 degree body temp is fine.

what if temperature is below 98.6

I have struggled with most of the symptoms listed for 20 years and I am only 32! I tried various adrenal and thyroid glandular, all of which made me sick. I took my temperature yesterday and it was 95.

Hypothermia and Cold Temperature Exposure

Leave this field empty. My husband is a healthy and physically active male of 50 years. He can go to wilsonssyndrome.

what if temperature is below 98.6