Who is the cfo of facebook

Thiel has served as President of Thiel Capital, an investment firm, since 2011 and a Partner of Founders Fund, a venture capital firm, since 2005.

Here's where Facebook's first 20 employees are now

A close friend of Mark Zuckerberg, Sittig was Facebook's first designer. Zuckerberg, meanwhile, wanted to "make something cool. It is important to note that while Saverin has more than 53 million Class B Shares.

We also agreed that if the company bonusing us the amount we need for the shares, plus tax, is a good solution to the problem of us all being completely broke.

EXCLUSIVE: How Mark Zuckerberg booted his co-founder out of the company

He quickly proved himself capable. Investor Relations.

who is the cfo of facebook

She joined Genentech in 1995. Today we have a long, detailed re-telling of the true story behind the movie. It was an instant sensation at Harvard.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Commencement Speech - Harvard Commencement 2014

Eduardo Saverin 's stake in Facebook was revealed publicly for the first time Thursday, in a SEC filing that listed the controversial billionaire's exact share ownership prior to the big IPO. Her position now: She leads all of the company's efforts around safety check, fundraising tools, and similar features.

who is the cfo of facebook

OK, that's all for now. This is what I recommended at the time. Sheryl lives in Menlo Park, California, with her son and daughter. The only problem was: May 2005 - October 2005 Position at Facebook: In that regard, the Facebook board of directors has requested that certain items which are unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the board should be excluded, such as:.

Committee Composition

Colleran was one of the last initial employees to leave Facebook. Mike holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University and has filed two US patents. As that first summer went on and TheFacebook.

He's also invested in startups such as Nuzzel and ShopPad.

EXCLUSIVE: Here's The Email Zuckerberg Sent To Cut His Cofounder Out Of Facebook

Andreessen previously served as a member of the boards of directors of eBay Inc. And he'll get something I'm sure, but he deserves something…He has to sign stuff for investments and he's lagging and I can't take the lag. Many are now absurdly rich, following Facebook's IPO in 2012.

who is the cfo of facebook

April 2005 - Present First position at Facebook: But I think we may even be able to make him understand that.