How to caulk baseboard trim

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Caulk isn't dangerous or caustic like certain substances used for other home improvement projects — its very purpose is essentially to be as inert as possible.

When you caulk your baseboards, mistakes are inevitable. By choosing the right tools, doing proper prep work, and caulking carefully, it's easy to give your baseboard a durable, professional sealing. You're done.

If you're tackling a relatively small, simple project, like, for instance, caulking your baseboards at the point that they meet a bathtub, you can usually get away with buying and using small "tubes" of caulk which allow you to squeeze caulk out like toothpaste for easy application. Before loading your cartridge, take a knife or a sharp pair of scissors and trim off the very end of this "nose" at about a 45 degree angle to create a small, slanted hole.

This also gives the benefit of making clean-up very quick and easy. The trick in to hold the caulk gun at about a 30-degree angle to the crack and squeeze the handle so an even amount of caulk flows from the tube.

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how to caulk baseboard trim

Did this article help you? Caulking the bottoms of the baseboards after you've finished smoothing the caulk on the top of the baseboard ensures that leftover caulk from the top won't spill onto your work below. Note that some plastic cartridges don't have an internal membrane. These look like long cylindrical tubes with a skinny pointed cone or "nose" at one end.

How To: Caulk Baseboards

Dip the brush lightly into the paint and with the longest end of the brush, start painting at the joint, pulling the paint back from the baseboard - you can fill in the part further back from the baseboard with normal strokes. You may need to make two cuts; one directly next to the baseboard, the other directly next to the wall.

What type of caulk would be best? Caulk is a watertight sealant used to protect the joints and seams in a house from damage and wear.

How to Repair Caulk That Is Separating From the Wall & Baseboards

You know you put the perfect amount of caulk on the gap if there is a very small amount of caulk on the tip of your finger as you complete the wiping stroke. Try to make a long, thin, consistent line of caulk without any gaps or thick spots.

how to caulk baseboard trim

Retrieved from http: These are very common caulks you can find at a paint store, hardware store or a home center. It's usually smart to buy a little more caulk than you think you'll need — you can always save this left-over caulk for later.

how to caulk baseboard trim

Handle the tape with care — the leftover caulk can stick to and stain clothing with ease.