How to get legends maple coins

Once you have a character who's joined the Maple Alliance, they'll have the chance to call in backup support while out hunting monsters!

Activate different quest available inside the 7th Anniversary Dairy to train them up for this competition. The chains will remain for 10 minutes, and will span a number of different areas around the world map.

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Costs 2000 Alliance Medals. Costs 120 Alliance Medals. Untradeable Arcane Symbol Selector x20 Coupon: This effect will last for 30 seconds, and will only apply to normal monsters Alliance Support cannot be used on either Elite or Boss monsters.

Fastest way to get Legends Maple Coins?

Royal Hair Coupon: Limit 1. Guardian Empress's Gift: Defense Mission: Every 5th, 10th, and 15th Elite Monster that is defeated on a map will spawn a special monster called the Messenger of Darkness! Untradeable Black Cube Coupon: The Legendary Ore will transform into a Legendary Gold ore when you stay logged in for 30 minutes.

Who will emerged as the winner for this competition?

how to get legends maple coins

There is a cap of 4,500 Determination per day that can be gained from Living Chains. Protect your fellow soldiers in the fight against the Black Mage! Alliance Skills can be reset once daily per rank.

Pick up special goods from the Maple Alliance Supply Depot! Use to receive a 90-day White Duck pet. Gathering of Heroes Beauty Box: Costs 200 Alliance Medals.

how to get legends maple coins

Join the Maple Alliance air force to defeat the Black Mage's minions! Limit 5 weekly. Nov 27, 2018 Read More. Up to 20 soldiers can be saved in each rescue mission.

how to get legends maple coins

Empress's Gifts can only be received once per world, can be traded within the world, and have a 10-day duration. Hilla Pet Coupon: