What does necroing mean

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What is "necroing"

Thanks people, got confused during that time since that time I was new to the forums. What constitutes a dead thread changes by forum, but usually if it is a few months old, or off the first page or so of the forum, it's dead. Is it worth bringing the topic back up?

what does necroing mean

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What is Necroing on Forums?

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what does necroing mean

Magic Market Index for Feb 8th, 2018. This has been answered and hopefully the poster has a grasp of the rules now. Last edited by Stellar fox ; 24 Jul, 2017 12: Krogan Cupcakes! To my defense I did a search for the topic and wanted to talk about it and yet again they had good ideas but i'm starting to see that this forum is very elitist in remming folks for wanting to improve on an old subject that wasnt hostile.

what is necroing and why is it so bad

This is where the term comes from. Necroing on forums is the act of attempting to "revive" a dead topic. Sign In Register. Best Answer: Answer Questions Twitter account has been suspended what should I do?

what does necroing mean

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