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The award provides additional incentives to reward performance above targeted revenue and further incentives for revenue that exceeds the maximum level stated in the plan. These individuals will not receive any additional compensation for these efforts.

gilder gagnon howe capstone turbine company

We focus on individual companies, not markets, and invest based on our own independent research, relying on fundamentals relating to a particular company and its industry. Purposes of the Plan.

This vote is not intended to address any specific item of compensation, but rather the overall compensation of the Named Executive Officers and the policies and practices described in this Proxy Statement. The Committee shall specify in the grant any applicable terms and conditions related to acquiring Shares under the Award, including the number of Shares, the purchase price if any and the time and manner of acceptance of such offer.

Mayo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from C. Awards In 2012 Fiscal Year. They believe that doing so is in the best interests of the Company, its stockholders and other constituencies. Item 9. Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. No payments will be made for performance below specified threshold levels. Audit-Related Fees. The executive officers also receive employee benefits consistent with those offered to other employees of the Company.

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Use any touch-tone telephone to vote your proxy. Identification and Classification of Members of the Group.

gilder gagnon howe capstone turbine company

Plan Category. In setting compensation, the Compensation Committee reviews information from Aon Hewitt regarding comparative market data, including comprehensive analyses of total compensation and compensation components based on published survey data sized to our annual revenue.

gilder gagnon howe capstone turbine company

Annual Awards to Non-Employee Directors. The Code of Ethics addresses the unique role of these officers in corporate governance. Jayme L. Item 10. The table below sets forth the compensation of the Company's principal executive officer, principal financial officer and the three other most highly compensated executive officers during the 2012 Fiscal Year.

The Committee may grant Restricted Stock to such Service Providers as the Committee may select in its sole discretion from time to time. Awards are immediately forfeited if service with the Company is terminated for cause. In the performance of their oversight function, the members of the Audit Committee necessarily relied upon the information, opinions, reports and statements presented to them by management of the Company and by the independent auditors.