How to play rmvb on chromecast

I am just waiting for my chromecast to arrive.

how to play rmvb on chromecast

Thank you for the tips. If both of the chromecast and the laptop are in the range of router signal, it should be fine. All traffic is locally.

how to play rmvb on chromecast

You can use them to watch home movies, downloaded videos, DVD rips, or just about anything else. The app comes with integrated full-screen image viewer as well as a controller.

Can I run plex media server on my pc so that it talks to the synology and then streams over the wireless network to the chromecast?

Best Android Apps to Stream Media Files to Chromecast from Phone

You can play it in your desktop, then cast the whole desktop to Chormecast experimental feature. If you have many MKV files, one quickfix would be to rename the file from. I can cast the H264-files on my TV, but not the mp4- and avi- files. Thank you! Amazing thank you so much It work perfectly. View all your favorite music, photos and movies regardless of their size on the big screen through the app.

how to play rmvb on chromecast

I will post a guide on this in this or next week. We will add a detailed guide on this. But anyway, if you have a lot of local media files, and you want to stream them from PC to Chromecast, it is better to use Plex it is totally free. The Mini Enforcer: There are various ways that you can stream supported videos using your Chromecast media player, but here you will learn three of the most commonly-used methods.

These 9 apps stream videos from Android to Chromecast

By kordi666 , Junior Member on 23rd March 2014, 05: The method of entering the entire file path into the chrome browser address bar worked perfectly for me! Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. All Linux Mac Windows. Thank you for sharing your experience with this method to stream local video. I was kind of surprised at how much I liked this app.