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Working on multiple canvases simultaneously, Lachman looks to shape a conversation amongst the works and create metaphorical musical chords that we can see. His abstract vocabulary invites viewers to ponder the abstracted yet narrative possibilities: Stephen Powers, a. Brothers Pizza Inc. To create the regulated yet undulating surface, Spehn places rows of tape across the canvas, which he paints over and then removes, multiple times. Her largescale canvases are graphic and bold, employing traditional brushwork, silkscreen and lithographic techniques, sign-painting skills, along with taping, scraping, and sanding surfaces to achieve her vision.

Published on Jul 2, 2018. There are various sweet and savory crepes on the menu.

10 Food Trucks for Cheap Eats at Temple

Confetti 2. Roberto Lugo, born and raised in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, weaves his childhood story of racism, obesity and class division into his art. Therein lies the basis for subject matter. I feel like everyone on campus has been to Richie's at one point in their Temple life. By melding a deep devotion to social, political, and environmental issues with a Rhode Island School of Design education, Fairey generated a signature style that has influenced the way we see our world.

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Subject matter is the other enlivening piece, liberally borrowed here from the history of art and design, as well as multicultural traditions and street art, and big data visualizations from the present. Hilary Baker composes her images, mainly urban architecture or portraits of animals, such as this quirky and majestic owl, with a unique approach to color and pattern. They also sell wraps and sell rolls filled with chicken, beef, veggies, pepperoni, and steaks.

Home Howard Gittis Student Center. They come with spicy red sauce, tangy white sauce, or bbq sauce. His subject matter is mainly clothing, uniforms of a sort, that lack a wearer. Thanks again - and have a wonderful day! Graciously funded by Trustee Dennis Alter, this collection was put together with the student viewer in mind. Like a droplet of blood, these works are sandwiched between two slides, preserving memories, experiences, and ephemera, which may otherwise be forgotten. Today's Events Interested in making a request for space or in seeing what's happening today?

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