How to get free shoes nba 2k16

Akhil Arora , 13 October 2017.


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how to get free shoes nba 2k16

But that still doesn't excuse the lazy writing, including the dozens of cut-scenes involving the team's PR head, team security, and janitor, which can't be skipped and add little to no value to the overall experience.

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More Videos. But 2K18 has nothing of that sort, with 2K justifying its barebones approach as a way of giving you freedom to skip NBA games in favour of hanging out with other NBA players. MyCareer is buried amidst a cacophony of uninteresting, inexcusable choices that mar what could be, and should be so much better. Is it possible to get a shoe endorsement from nike or under armour in mycareer?

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This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Run down to the barber shop, and spend some VC. Given the obvious benefit at a low cost to developer — player value upgrades, and new clothes and haircuts take no effort to make — it might seem like a stupid move for 2K to not pursue the same thing with NBA.

In his free time, you will find... It's already clear from that description that DJ is entitled and unpleasant, and the game only contributes to that feeling as it goes on.

how to get free shoes nba 2k16

This is a bit odd given that 2K doesn't allow this on its other big sport title, WWE 2K18 , though we should probably not be giving them any ideas. There are shoe deal for Jordan, Nike and Adidas. It's also how you can access your place including MyCourt , the team's training area, and the neighbourhood gym.

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how to get free shoes nba 2k16

Date Posted: I think it was the first season, toward the end, you get a shoe deal. That'll cost you more VC. From your first minutes at the Proving Ground, an amateur street-ball event that NBA scouts frequent, DJ behaves like he's the best player in the world, despite having not played in a while.