How to import reference image in maya

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1_How to Import Image Planes in Maya (Vehicle Modeling) Part 1

When working with multiple image planes you may start to notice that your viewport can get a bit cluttered, with the many different camera locators visible. Instead, you'll want to have your orthographic views setup, like the front and side views of your character sheet. If your reference images are not perfectly square and the same size, then they will probably not end up the size imported as an image plane.

how to import reference image in maya

When modeling a character, vehicle or an object that needs to match a certain design and proportion it's difficult to do without following along with your reference, and simply having your reference on a separate monitor that you periodically glance over to won't provide the most accurate results. We can now extract the properly aligned front and side views.

Create, edit, or position an image plane

The red lines in the image below give you a general idea where to select. Instead, it's one that you can transform directly in your scene. Make sure that the height of the two new images are the same. Accept cookies and close this message. The screenshots below are from an older version of Maya, however everything should work approximately the same.

how to import reference image in maya

In your perspective camera you can navigate over to the View drop down menu. For guidelines, create two cubes that touch certain reference points in one image.

Three Methods for Setting up Image Planes in Maya for Any Project

Select the image plane and go to your attribute editor. We use cookies to make interactions with our websites and services easy and meaningful. You can translate the image plane by highlighting either the Image Center X, Y or Z axis and changing the value.

how to import reference image in maya

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However, this doesn't really work for the different camera views, because turning off the visibility of the camera will also turn off the image plane. You want to make sure that their width and height is both the same, as well as their Image Center Y value. Drag them off the screen to remove them. These images are called image planes because they appear as a plane in the camera view.

Now, when working with reference images you probably don't need to have an image plane placed in the perspective view.

how to import reference image in maya

This will display a whole bunch of hidden objects, including the image planes. Ready to skill up your entire team?

how to import reference image in maya

When modeling an object, it is extremely useful to use reference.