What is a conducted energy weapon

Police Use of Conducted Energy Weapons: A Review of the Canadian Jurisprudence

It is recognized that provinces are responsible for the administration of justice in their jurisdiction, including providing direction on the use of all types of force by police.

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what is a conducted energy weapon

The refresher course extends the original certification for an additional 2 years. When are officers authorized to use a CEW?

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The use of conducted energy weapons CEWs by law enforcement agencies around the world has grown rapidly in recent years. Any CEW that has been used proximal to an incident resulting in death or serious injury should be immediately sent for testing, while respecting appropriate legislated police service obligations or practices related to such investigations. Author s grant a limited license to those accessing the titled work from an electronic database or an Alberta Law Review website to download the titled work onto their computer and to print a copy for their own personal, non-commercial use, subject to proper attribution.

what is a conducted energy weapon

It highlights the perception of the CEW as a weapon reserved for use only in the absence of other less forceful options. Policies and procedures should be revised as necessary, based on new information and research, to ensure that they remain effective and contribute to public confidence in use-of-force by police.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact: Prior to using a CEW, officers should consider whether de-escalation techniques or other force options have not, or will not, be effective in diffusing the situation.

what is a conducted energy weapon

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Guidelines for the Use of Conducted Energy Weapons

How to Cite. The training on CEWs represents only a portion of the training officers receive as part of their overall use of force training; however, a key focus of all their training is around communication and de-escalation techniques as these are always the preferred response options for resolving a situation. Where tactically feasible, officers should issue a verbal warning so the subject is aware that a CEW is about to be deployed.

what is a conducted energy weapon

If you plan on being exposed, wear clothes you do not mind our darts poking holes into. It is recommended that Police services should maintain a file that includes test results and maintenance actions e. Officers should, in all instances, use an appropriate and reasonable level of force, given the totality of circumstances.

Conducted Energy Weapon

If you wish to be exposed during certification: Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Author s grant the Alberta Law Review permission to produce, publish, disseminate, and distribute the titled work in electronic format to online database services, including, but not limited to: There are also five hours of recertification training that take place every 12 months. Police services should establish a training policy, including minimum training requirements for officers authorized to deploy a CEW; for those officers who supervise officers who carry a CEW; and those officers authorized to provide CEW training courses.

what is a conducted energy weapon

No one is permitted to use a CEW without first being fully trained by a Ministry-certified use of force instructor.

Is training for civilians required in California? Medical assistance should be sought when an individual has any apparent injuries, is in obvious distress, or requests medical assistance.

Question What is the current state of scientific knowledge about the medical and physiological impacts of conducted energy weapons?