Dinosaur king ds how to get ace

The best dinosaur to have is an eoraptor it can use all elements, plus it's a sercret dinosaur.

Stone Circle Codes cheats for Dinosaur King

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dinosaur king ds how to get ace

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He was even able to do well against Secret Dinosaurs: Z in Antarctica for the 2nd time and get the mystery fossil inside the treasure chest. These fossils can be found in North America using the radar.

Dinosaur King – Cheats

How I can get fukuisaurus,fukuiraptor,gastonia, and charanosauru I cannot find them. Sentinels of the Starry Sk.. Dec 9th 2010 Guest how do you unlock spiny.

dinosaur king ds how to get ace

He was called "Ace" because it means "number one", and he was Rex's first dinosaur. The following features become available options when the corresponding task has been completed. America Fossil which is a Tyrannosaurus.

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dinosaur king ds how to get ace