How to drink mata hari absinthe

how to drink mata hari absinthe

Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? There was something else too... Overall rating. Your Comment. The flavors of Mata Hari do less in the way of presenting the real flavors of Absinthe and lean more towards a drink that may indeed be very enjoyable to some - but I wouldn't consider them a proper representation of Absinthe.

The First Bohemian - Style Absinthe in America

A absintheravenwoodus Top 500 Reviewer 1 reviews. Compare Write Review Add to favorites. Nor would it at half the price. Jay from Oh Gosh!

Bamboo A fellow Pennsylvanian with a penchant for art and fine cocktails.

how to drink mata hari absinthe

Where does the green color come from? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Mid-palate mouthfeel and flavors have an eerie hollow and artificial quality about them.

how to drink mata hari absinthe

What characteristics it displays seem in conflict with each other. Fill with ice. I thought Absinthe had to be from France?


There is some bitterness and that underlying sweetness. It's nice to see that they have gone the natural coloration route as opposed to the food coloring of the past. Editor reviews 2 reviews. The same residue collects on the threads of the screw-cap bottle. The posts are frequent and worth checking out. Louche Nice Louche which began quickly. I can forgive the silly label but a thin metal screw of cap?

Many other even modestly decent absinthes make this attempt laughable Aroma: With a lower level of aniseed to reduce the dominant flavor of licorice.

how to drink mata hari absinthe

If you put this product in a taste lineup with the big-boys, it would most likely be hard to take it seriously, but not because it is a "bad" product, just one that doesn't have the complexities and nuances that we are always searching for.