Make it up to you somehow

The Longman Dictionary said: Last edited: Please try again. However, I don't think I've actually ever heard someone say it that way.

make it up to you somehow

I'm afraid the whole conversation sounds a bit odd, ridgemao. Packard , Jun 7, 2016. I can't imagine a native-English-speaking child saying "Should I make up for it?

make it up to you somehow

Yes, my password is: I won't ever forgive you, but that will sure make it up to me. Share This Page Tweet.

make up to somebody

Should I buy a new one for the teacher? Please don't define "make up" with the words "make up". This might help explain the difference between "make up to" and "make up for": Previous Thread Next Thread. Forgot your password? Do you already have an account?

make it up to you somehow

I wanted to emphasize I would do something for my daughter. Dictionary and thread title search: It explains nothing.

How can I make it up to you?

It would be clear, if there have been verb "make up for", which means compensate, as it does here: Packard , Jun 6, 2016. Her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of experience.

So we talk about making up songs or making up stories or possibly making up things which are false. There is a difference? I need you to give me the temperatures in every city in Europe.