Howard finster for sale

He attended school from age six into the sixth grade. Heaven Is For All People 46 x 28. Lonnie Holley.


It is signed and has an inventory number on the... Paint and glitter on plywood EW 24. A House Divided , 1989.

howard finster for sale

Get Right W God [sic] 27. The numbers you will receive...

This Old Clock 17 x 14 inches 2000 and 344 N. Howard Preaches Funeals [sic] 14 x 7.

howard finster for sale

He wrote about the contest of bad against good on the back and much, mu... Anne and I , 2002. At this reasonable price it will not las... Authentic Rare Reverend Howard Finster 1916-2001 , mixed media folk art diorama. Howard Finster.

Howard Finster Art

In keeping with this tradition, much of his art and sculpture is sacred in subject and tone. Abraham Lincoln , 1989.

howard finster for sale

Claiming to have had religious visions as early as the age of two, Howard Finster 1916 - 2001 lived his entire life inspired by directives sent him from God. He dated the painting on October, 7,1997 and he numbered the piece 42,542 on the front and the back. Howard Finster Wipe Rag Art. Sybil Gibson. Paint on wood, found objects EW 12.

Howard Finster

Heeding the command, Finster called it Paradise Garden. Paint on wood EW 28. George Washington , 1992. The Three Gaps Of Atonement 22 x 44. Fires of the Spirit to Be Controlled.