What food answers level 194

Has anyone beaten it and what is your strategy?

Hi Guess The Food: Level 194 Answer

Kukky You do not have to buy anything to pass this level.. That is the solution for Pictoword Level 191-200 answers. I have been stuck on this level for a while.

what food answers level 194

Do not forget to always pay a visit to this site to find the solutions and answers for another puzzle upgrade. Hope this helps. I did by just seating the angry customers first and then just follow this simple tip- while taking the tips and picking up the plates dont do both these tasks at once..

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what food answers level 194

Don't forget that you can chain both collecting checks and clearing dishes. You can temporarily keep them happy while you wait for them all to be ready for the action you are trying to chain.

Guess Food 2015: Level 194 Answer

Pictoword Movies Level 22 Answer. Jan 27, 2015.

what food answers level 194

Answer from: In this game you may find: Action Release: For example, use the statue or coffee to keep them happy until they are all ready to order - wait until ALL of them are ready to order and only then pick up their orders, all at once before doing anything else.

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what food answers level 194