How many keralites in qatar

how many keralites in qatar

Jump to navigation. The principal countries of destination of Kerala emigrants have remained more or less unchanged over these years, with 90 per cent of the Kerala emigrants going to one or other of the Gulf countries. Many have been told that they should watch the situation for a few more days, if it lasts more than a week, then it could termed as a severe crisis.

This data clearly shows that the number of Keralites leaving their hometown annually for a job abroad is on a steady decline.

how many keralites in qatar

Since several products are imported from Dubai, this crisis may be serious as business will be severely affected. It is interesting to note that the total population of Qataris is actually increasing fast, it just cannot keep up with the ever growing numbers of foreigners pouring into the country and is thus shrinking in proportion to the total number.

how many keralites in qatar

Yemen joins list of nations that have cut ties with Qatar. Economic Reforms and Performance — http: This decline is in sharp contrast to the 37 per cent growth that UAE saw in migrants from Kerala in the preceding five-year period — from 670,150 in 2003 to 918,122 in 2008.

These occasions happened when a high ranking official was interviewed by the media, as well as a few instances of the figures appearing on official Qatari Governmental websites. By Jure Snoj.

Malayalee tailor in Doha busy during ramadan

There is more than enough meat on the bone to chew; working conditions, financial compensation and personal freedom of Nepali and indeed many other workers in Qatar offer a lot of room for legitimate criticism.

If the situation is not resolved several Malayalees will have to return to India. Population of Qatar by nationality - 2017 report February 7, 2017.

how many keralites in qatar

A travel agent Ayub said that there has been no problem as yet but since this is the time when people return to Qatar to work after Ramzan, people may have to cough up tickets which would be priced two times higher.

Do You Like This Story? The community witnessed a massive increase between 2004 and 2008 when it jumped from 170,000 to around 400,000.

A Gulf without Keralites could soon be a reality

While the growth has slowed down since then, it is still formidable and Indians are most likely to stay the biggest national group in the country for the foreseeable future. A Gulf without Keralites could soon be a reality. However, some media reports by foreign press should be looked upon with a dose of skepticism.

Indians constitute by far the biggest single nationality in Qatar, numbering at around 650,000 at the end of 2016.


According to the latest iteration of the Gulf Migration Survey, the number of Keralites in the UAE has declined about 4 per cent in five years — from 918,122 in 2008 down to 883,313 in 2011. This makes it by far the most comprehensive publicly available report on this topic for similar custom reports that our Consultancy offers please contact us directly , however it is important to note that if a nationality is not listed it merely means the data was unavailable and not that the citizens of a missing country are not present in Qatar.

how many keralites in qatar

In Pathanamthitta district, the number of emigrants was 98,000 in 1998, 134,000 in 2003, and 121,000 in 2008 but only 91,000 in 2011 — lower than the number in 1998.

The list of nationalities.

Kerala: No panic call yet from Malayalees in Qatar

Some of the recent developments have seen drafts on a proposed agreement with Uganda to bring up to 40,000 Ugandans to Qatar. While MDPS never clearly and directly says how many Qatari nationals there are, the fact that they publish a lot of demographic data, makes it possible to extrapolate the numbers, using various data sets.

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