How to make a kawaii clay donut

I know you're thinking Varathane?! Dip your mixing tool into the oil paint and then into the TLS and swirl it around. Fuzzy Monkey 2 years ago.

Wait for your donuts to cool down a bit and use your rough bristled brush to add the stars to your galaxy. Once you have the shape you are happy with, use a toothbrush to lightly texture the entire donut. Break off a small chunk of clay and condition it until it is malleable.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

For more ideas check out my Instagram feed. I hope this tutorial inspired you to create your own. More by the author: Ever since I can remember I was making bookmarks with glitter or outlining decorative gift bags with fabric paint.

Vintage Sugar Skull Danger is my middle name Reply 2 years ago.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

To add more strength and durability, unscrew the eye pin and add a drop of super glue to the pin. I used a toaster oven that I have in my craft room and a ceramic tile I purchased at Home Depot.

Once it has cooled lightly press it into the icing and make sure the entire top is covered. I also added a tiny bit of chalk to the blue to brighten it up.

After washing you should take some scrap clay and just roll it around to remove the lint trust me you still have lint on your hands even after washing.

Caitlin805 2 years ago.

Polymer Clay Galaxy Donut Charm

For this step you don't need to fully bake the donut, you just need it to be firm for the "icing". Vintage Sugar Skull Caitlin805 Reply 2 years ago. After I made my swirl mix, I added a few dabs of color into the mixture to give it more variety.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

This is a very basic project and you don't need to be experienced to try it.