How to start interlock dreadlocks

How to Crochet Dreadlocks

Is your hair always dry? Back in the day using actual hooks on dreadlocks was hardly even known. If you want to use this technique to improve the way your dreads look while making them stronger, I can help you by providing the right dreadlocks crochet tools and the right crochet techniques.

how to start interlock dreadlocks

Knotty Boy List of Ingredients. Categories Shop. As they grow in length and increase in size the base of each loc should support the new weight of your hair.

how to start interlock dreadlocks

Comments Is it a bad idea to start with 2 strand twist and continue with interlocking? It is made from a durable, flexible plastic. See photo at left. The technique can be used for loops that stick out of a mature dread, but now that we have looks like the Lock Sculpta and the Lock Docta there are faster, better ways which leave no imperfections behind in the dread.

In the past it was crocheting dreadlocks using hooks hardly known.

how to start interlock dreadlocks

A dread interlocking itself. Palm Rolling Method.

how to start interlock dreadlocks

In a few short years, the crocheting dreadlocks earned a reputation for destroying dreadlocks — yet many professional and dreadlocks artists able to get good results without damaging dreads at all. This used to be a popular method for tightening up the loops on mature dreads.

See all the dreadlocks tools here! There are some metal latch-hook tools used for crocheting that some recommend instead.

Starting Locs: Interlocking or Tool Method

And, of course, just like every other method of dreading, using a residue-free shampoo or homemade version is a MUST to facilitate the locking process and prevent dread rot! Ultimately, though, no matter which method you choose, when dreads hit and 1-2 year mark they all start take on the smooth, matted appearance of mature dreadlocks.

Juicy Hair: When silky, Caucasian hair is twisted against itself such as with interlocking or braiding the hair either does not lock at all, or it takes a VERY long time to do so.

how to start interlock dreadlocks

The only difference is maintenance is recommended every 6-8 weeks, you can wash your hair by yourself without fear of locs coming undone. In a few short years crocheting dreadlocks has earned a reputation for destroying dreadlocks - yet many professional locticians and dreadlocks artists are able to get great results while not damaging the dreads at all.