What are class three ladders designed for

How To Choose The Right Ladder

Some are too short for high work, and some — just as dangerous — are too tall for lower work. View our range of industrial extension ladders here.

what are class three ladders designed for

These classifications can be broadly categorised into the type of use that a ladder is designed to support ie. Always select a ladder that is right for the job and meets the required standards; if in doubt, select a strong product.

what are class three ladders designed for

Be aware that Ladder Certifications and Classifications indicate minimum acceptable standards - good quality Ladders and Steps will always exceed these standards. Relevant classifications include BS 1129: Top product: These changes are designed primarily to address ladder stability and durability and introduce a classification of "use" to the new standard. Class 1 rating Top product: If you use the wrong type of ladder for a job, for example — a Class 3 domestic rated ladder for trade work, it can invalidate any insurance claims made.

Latest News Dec 04 Ladderlink Dec '18. A revised set of new EN131 ladder standards have been released to the European market on the 1st January 2018.

what are class three ladders designed for

There are also several types of ladders, which are not covered by any standard - Roof Ladders and Warehouse Steps for example. View our range of extension ladders for DIY and domestic use. Load Capacity.

Product Range

All ladders should comply with the relevant New Zealand standard and should be labelled accordingly. Ladders should be the last option, and only used for lower-risk and short-duration tasks.

Class 3 rating Top product: Lyte Trade Triple Extension Ladders.

what are class three ladders designed for

Within the new standard ladders are classified as "EN131 Professional", intended for use in a workplace , and "EN131 Non-Professional" intended for use by domestic users. View All.

what are class three ladders designed for

Class 1 Ladders are the highest rated ladders in terms of strength and quality.