Whatsapp update for nokia asha 200

Yes No. Wechat is not available for Nokia asha 200.

whatsapp update for nokia asha 200

However, how I do it for my friends and family is this: I have the same question 44. Volunteer Moderator.

whatsapp update for nokia asha 200

Is their any way to use whatsapp on my nokia asha 200 v10. Abi99 2 Replied on October 22, 2013. I want whatsapp for asha 200 as early as possible at any cost...............

whatsapp update for nokia asha 200

Asha 200 is ok, only dat it does not support whatsapp application. And one of the diffect is not supporting what's app. AnonD-63617, 19 Jul 2012 Hw wuch is asha 201 N12000. Anonymous, 19 Jun 2015 u gat it all wrong, I've got an asha 200 and also a whatsapp app downloaded in it Whatsapp download in nokia asha 200 mobile please.

Asha 200 is my first phone: Com even it work 4 nokia x2 new product. Post your opinion.

Whatsapp for asha 200

Nokia Asha 200 is not good. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Whatsapp for Nokia, http: See How To Advertise. I downloaded whatsapp on my asha 200 but each time i tyr to use it, i receive an error message telling me it cannot connect to server.

If ur network is good, u might be able to update notifierz den u will get notifications.