When was henry the navigator born

Profile of Prince Henry the Navigator

Henry the Navigator Images. Battles with Muslim Moors were common during the 1400's, and Christian allies could help create safe trading routes. The cheapest labor to work on plantations for crops such as sugar, tobacco, or cotton were slaves, brought on a triangular trade route, one brutal leg of which was known as the middle passage.

when was henry the navigator born

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Allgarve, Promo Sangres, and Municipia do Bispo. Quick Facts. Age of exploration and discovery: Armed conflict between the two became inevitable, and Henry in the end felt obliged to side with the king, though he remained as much as possible in the background.

when was henry the navigator born

Like so many at the time, he also hoped to secure a new route to the Orient. Additional Biography Sources Age of exploration and discovery: His efforts received much criticism as they were deemed a fruitless expense but when his boats returned with gold dust all his critics were mummed.

Countries that are former colonies still suffer the aftereffects today, especially in Africa, where there is poor or inconsistent infrastructure in many areas.

when was henry the navigator born

Prince Henry's expeditionary goals were to increase navigational knowledge along the western coast of Africa and find a water route to Asia, to increase trade opportunities for Portugal, to find gold to provide the trips' own funding, to spread Christianity around the world, and defeat Muslims—and perhaps even to find Prester John , a legendary wealthy priest-king thought to reside somewhere in Africa or Asia.

Early oceanography In Western colonialism: Henry is regarded as an originator of the Age of Discovery and the Atlantic slave trade.

when was henry the navigator born

The old sea routes could not be used. These accomplished only minor discoveries, as the prince now seemed mainly interested in exploiting resources—especially African slaves and from 1452 the sugar of Madeira—in the regions already contacted.

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While his fame rests on having founded a school for navigators and cartographers, the famous navigator may not have actually done that. Died At Age: Henry the Navigator.

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when was henry the navigator born