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Showcasing drafts and finished work side by side tells children that we value the process of learning as much as we value the products.

Choosing the Right Classroom Display System

For some teachers, a non-interactive projection solution will be fine. Spending the extra funds for interactive classroom display systems when the interactive features will only be used by a portion of the teachers.

From that quiz I would calculate the mastery percentage of the class and write the lesson objective and percentage on a soccer ball on the poster. Road to College Poster: I also make full use the corridor and door for classroom displays. Your email address will not be published.

Classroom displays for engagement and learning!

Remember, too, that less is always more where displays are concerned. Video Games. Informing students that their work will be put on display can often act as an incentive to make their work neater or more detailed. As a result, many district leaders, school boards and taxpayers are justifiably wary of repeating that mistake.

Flat Panel Display Pros: Can be securely wall mounted at minimal expense.

Resource: Classroom Displays

Tips for Better Displays Here are some tips to help you assess and spruce up your displays. Students can refer to the boards in the lesson to help with their exam answers or revision.

who what when where why classroom display

Copyright 2011 by ASCD. Keep displays fresh. Provide a clear, high-resolution or HD image that works especially well in rooms with glare from windows or overhead lighting.

Classroom Displays and Display Photos and Ideas

Overdoing displays, even those of students' work, can overstimulate children and interfere with your efforts to create a calm classroom environment. Great stuff! This would drive me nuts if this was on a public display board! Be vigilant about taking down work that's no longer relevant.

who what when where why classroom display

While for others, the interactive features will be important. This also helped them see that what they were learning and doing in 8th grade really did matter in determining their future and setting them up for success in high school.

who what when where why classroom display

Learn more about our permissions policy and submit your request online. All students need to know that their efforts are valued, so display work from every child, not just the "best" students.

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