How to clean beauty sponge

But as everyone with elaborate skin care routines knows, getting make-up off of any surface is not easy, especially when it has been firmly ground into an oblong sponge. But wait!

Microwaving Your Beauty Sponge Is the Oldest Cleaning Trick in the Book, and It Actually Works

Cleaning October 10, 2015. Sterilize the sponge monthly. If you plan on performing a basic cleansing routine on the sponge after sterilizing it with heat, you can do so immediately after pulling it out of the microwave. Khloe Kardashian wore the ultimate revenge outfit. If you'd rather choose a liquid soap, consider moisturizing baby shampoo or an organic shampoo with a gentle formula.

how to clean beauty sponge

Massage the soap into the areas, pressing and kneading it well. Good luck to you!

The best way to clean your beauty blender

Best to go for a sensitive skin cleanser and make sure it's all out of the blender before using it. Follow Lucy on Instagram. Wash the beauty blender with this solution, then rinse clean. Cookies make wikiHow better. Kylie Jenner just revealed 21 new beauty products.

PSA: you've been cleaning your Beauty Blender all wrong

Things You'll Need. We learnt the hard way and definitely scolded our hands a bit. Related Posts. Dab solid or liquid cleanser directly onto the most heavily soiled areas of the sponge.

how to clean beauty sponge

You have entered an incorrect email address! Bar soap is not suitable for cleaning a beauty blender sponge.

how to clean beauty sponge

Recommended Stories. Next, soak your beauty blender in the soapy water for 30 minutes. Melissa Maker - March 6, 2018.

how to clean beauty sponge

Rinse the sponge under running water again until all of the suds disappear. I can never seem to get my beauty blender properly clean no matter how hard I try. But, my friends, it comes with a hefty price tag. The Root.