How to make 2 color awareness ribbons

When the paint is dry on both sides, bend the metal into the shape of an awareness ribbon.

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It will not be nice and smooth—every roll I have seen will have a bend or crease every foot or so. Use a pin to mount ribbon or cloth ribbons on shirts and clothes. We will not post hate based color designations. Following the July 7, 2016 attack in Dallas that killed five law enforcement officials, so many people wanted to tie a blue ribbon on their homes or cars to show their support that all the fabric stores in town ran out of blue ribbon.

how to make 2 color awareness ribbons

Now that you have made your ribbon you can display it with pride. Pin back attached if you select YES for the time saving option. Guidelines for ribbon submissions: Paint one side, wait for it dry, then paint the other side. Find a cause you care about.

how to make 2 color awareness ribbons

Co-Authored By:. You can write a name on the tail of a ribbon, decorate it with a trim of a favorite color, or even add a symbol or design to the eye of the ribbon. So I came up with this quick and easy design for a giant 4-foot plus metal Back the Blue ribbon out of metal flashing.

how to make 2 color awareness ribbons

Use glue or tape to mount paper or card stock ribbons. Did this article help you? Other items we offer are personalized favor tags, personalized matchbooks, personalized notepads, personalized ashtrays, personalized candle labels, and personalized seals.

Awareness Ribbon Colors

When complete it will look like a "Figure 8" with one end open. We are providing this listing as a reference only. Fortunately, it unbends as easily as it bends, so you can straighten it out by hand.

how to make 2 color awareness ribbons

Sea Green - Stuttering or stammering awareness.