How to use text styles in photoshop

Open Document-2. Specifies the blending mode of a bevel or emboss highlight or shadow. You can edit multiple effects without closing the Layer Style dialog box.

how to use text styles in photoshop

You can apply one of the preset styles provided with Photoshop or create a custom style using the Layer Style dialog box.

Choose Save Styles from the Styles panel menu.

how to use text styles in photoshop

Click the contour in the Layer Style dialog box, and in the Contour Editor dialog box, and then choose Load. Double-click a style in the Styles panel. Choose a location for the style library, enter a file name, and click Save. Reverse flips the orientation of the gradient, Align With Layer uses the bounding box of the layer to calculate the gradient fill, and Scale scales the application of the gradient. When combined, the number of different Styles for text and for objects are infinite.

How to Create Paragraph and Character Styles in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Gloss Contour. Next, the Layer Style menu opens, featuring the Bevel and Emboss section. If you adjust settings and want to return to your custom defaults, click Reset To Default.

From the Layers panel, select the layer containing the style you want to copy.

Photoshop Text Effects: Adding Styles to fonts

Create a custom contour. Select Link With Layer if you want the texture to move along with the layer as the layer moves.

how to use text styles in photoshop

Detail of Layer Style dialog box for Drop Shadow effect. Drag a style from the Styles panel onto a layer in the Layers panel.

Layer effects and styles

After you convert a layer style to image layers, you can enhance the result by painting or applying commands and filters. You can click the color box and choose a color.

You can also use the Preset Manager to rename, delete, and save libraries of preset styles.

how to use text styles in photoshop