Who is affected by chagas disease

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Treatment of Chagas disease focuses on killing the parasite in acute infection and managing signs and symptoms in later stages. Virtually everyone infected with T. The insect vector is a triatomine bug that carries the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi which causes the disease.

who is affected by chagas disease

During the chronic phase , the infection may remain silent for decades or even for life. Once the acute phase of Chagas disease resolves usually within 12 weeks of the initial infection , people infected with T.

Related Assets: Vector control is the most effective method of prevention in Latin America. Travelers who sleep indoors, in well-constructed facilities for example, air-conditioned or screened hotel rooms , are at low risk for exposure to infected triatomine bugs, which infest poor-quality dwellings and are most active at night.

What is CHAGAS DISEASE? What does CHAGAS DISEASE mean? CHAGAS DISEASE meaning & explanation

Protozoal and helminthic infections. Vectorborne transmission does not occur in the Caribbean for example, in Puerto Rico or Cuba. File Formats Help: Chagas Gastrointestinal Disease.

who is affected by chagas disease

It usually occurs unnoticed because it is symptom free or exhibits only mild symptoms and signs that are not unique to Chagas disease. Lack of understanding and knowledge of the disease, along with incorrect beliefs, are clear obstacles to promoting health-seeking behaviour. You can also treat related problems.

who is affected by chagas disease

Infected blood-sucking bugs, sometimes called kissing bugs, spread it. Article Symptoms of Lyme Disease. These blood-sucking bugs get infected by biting an infected animal or person.

Chagas Disease

In these cases, symptoms of constipation or dysphagia can become so severe as to be life-threatening. Page last reviewed: This content does not have an Arabic version. Send to yourself or a loved one.