Write once run anywhere html5 player

Responsive HTML5 Apps: Write Once, Run Anywhere? Where is Anywhere?

Which in the long run is probably a more valuable endeavor for me anyway. February 21, 2013 at 5: Other option as others have said is to have a valid indie developer license model, there is no need to explain that the adoption of developers of a platform will increase the number of licenses bought by current enterprises or future enterprises.

And should actually be standardized eventually….

write once run anywhere html5 player

You can have a native app with web-style deployment e. Stephan "about the most interesting question when it comes to Xamarin: Developer sentiment and a groundswell of community adoption are vital in today's fashion conscious software tools landscape, for critical mass to be achieved.

We've been using Xamarin for a year and a half now for iOS and Android, and yes it's quite impressive.

Does Write Once Run Anywhere Work?

Some truth about Xam's price: Let's see an example. Dan Rosenstark Dan Rosenstark 1,774 1 16 20.

write once run anywhere html5 player

Let's do the math: As for Xamarin. While this overhead introduces extra steps, which slow down execution, they also provide features not easily available in native code, such as garbage collection and Just In Time JIT compilers which can optimize the code while it executes, as opposed to at compilation time. HTML5 is ready and able to help build amazing, responsive apps.

MVVMCross is great. This obviously isn't Xamarins fault, blame Apple!

write once run anywhere html5 player

In the context of client applications, I have to mostly agree. Brad Rem. A consistent user experience is even more important on a mobile device with a limited display and user input capability.

"Write Once…" is Anti-Customer

I couldn't even run their own demo app with the starter edition and had to start a trial. The indy plan is also pretty cruddy - not even VS support - which is what their major value comes from. Could not agree more.