X12 car amplifier specs howard

Reply I have one of these and used it for a decade playing all over the southeast.

Fender Super Twin

Yes, I had one of these. This is not just our way of doing things, it is really the only way if your goal is a quality sound system for your vehicle. It does not fight the simulation the way most amps do. It was impressive!

Car Audio Amplifier Specs Demystified And Explained

That sounds fantastic. For a subwoofer amplifier you will need to know what subwoofer setup you will be running, and if you will be bridging a stereo amplifier to one channel, or perhaps running a mono amp.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

Years of Production: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Speaker Size: It had amazing clean sound and plenty of it.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

The fender sounds exactly like I want it to. Here are the numbers that you need to look for. Welcome to our new series about understanding product specifications.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

You only need to switch off 2 pairs, as one pair will be in circuit at all times. Terrible Ted Nugent used these amps into a showman or bassman cab.

x12 car amplifier specs howard

With the active-EQ Section realy nice Amp. One interesting aspect of the circuit is that the e. Is it possible to get more details? To switch the tubes off in pairs, is simple using mosfet cathode switches controlled by 12v dc — this can provide for LED indicators to show 2, 4 or 6 tubes or better still, low med or high.