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Nearby Costco locations: The price is only offered in the store. Costco occasionally sells unlocked cellular models, which may be listed below. Best Deals on Apple Products at Costco Updated December 17, 2018 The links go to individual item pages, however, there may be different color options for a particular model.

If you are interested in purchasing a cellular iPad, please refer to the Membership Wireless website. Honestly surprised how useful it is. RFD 3rd Anniversary: Cancel reply. Costco is notorious for offering products for a limited time. I got it from the DirectTV deal. You also need a membership to shop at Costco.

They specialized in selling institutionally sized groceries. I was able to buy one a month after it launched, for a discounted price. Same price. At the time of this writing, Costco no longer carries the fourth generation Apple TV. Please leave a comment.

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Your comment will appear after being approved by the moderator. Can anyone confirm this price at other locations?

Instead, they bundle multiple smaller units of groceries in one package. Costco finally started selling Macs, however, one can find better deals elsewhere. Next Last. Times have changed. In stock at Ajax Costco as of 10am. Apple is known to release products on an almost predictable schedule.

64 GB Apple TV with 4k in stock at $189

For example, if you buy an iPad, it usually only comes in one color. They also carry clothing, books, videos, TVs, computers, tires and almost everything under the sun, including select Apple products. Better than using my PS4 for it.