How to screenshot on snapchat on htc

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how to screenshot on snapchat on htc

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how to screenshot on snapchat on htc

There is not just one, but two methods for taking capturing screenshots on the HTC One. Aside from that, it even allows you to share saved photos and stories as well as applying filter and customizing some drawing effects. The Snapchat you screenshot should not say "Screenshot" next to it.

how to screenshot on snapchat on htc

Simultaneously press both buttons until you hear a shutter tone, then release the two buttons. Snapchat has banned these apps and will lock your account if you use them.

Which of the two methods do you use more often? Take the screenshot.

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Secretly (iOS and Android)

Posted 21 hours ago — By Christian de Looper. It allows you to take screenshot of anything on the screen. In fact, the other person usually won't even know that you've opened it. For Android phones, there are more options. Here's a quick guide on how you can record a gameplay video on Xbox One.

how to screenshot on snapchat on htc

Press the Recent Apps button at the bottom of your screen and swipe Snapchat to the right. Posted 5 days ago — By Jon Martindale. As soon as the screenshot is captured, the other user will be notified.

Capturing your phone's screen

Close the app. Tap the notification to view your screenshot. As of July 2, 2015, you no longer need to hold a finger down on the image while you screenshot. Warnings Older methods of taking screenshots without notifications no longer work, due to Snapchat updates.

how to screenshot on snapchat on htc

SaveMySnaps is another tool for you to save Snapchat screenshots. Is this article up to date? This article will tell you how to screenshot Snapchat secretly.