Tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie

Which leaves the question how do you make a manual entry explaining a mode switch error or an incorrect manual entry in the case of a digi tacho as having never used one I wouldn't have a clue just as I wouldn't even know how to make a manual entry using a digi tacho at all.

tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie

The dog, on the other hand, had all the papers in order and consequently must accompany his house across national borders.

Sun Jun 23, 2013 1: How much would a fine be etc etc.

tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie

Users browsing this forum: I made a mistake this morning on my manual entry and I've basically given myself an infringement. If it helps to put your mind at ease, do a printout and write some bollocks on the back.

Thu Jan 13, 2011 11: Top Re: There are people who don't do manual entries ever, and there still alive.

Digital Tachograph Manual Entries - step by step

I'm in the club too.. Harry Monk wrote: Dvsa will say nothing, except probably smirk and say watch your button pushes. Then of course I started today's duty and finished work at 2. Your work are brain dead if they make anything of it. Penalty wise it's unlikely the DVSA officer will pop you over his shoulder and wear you like a glove, more a gentle talking too should suffice. What he said, plus the fetish amongst companies for auditing themselves to death, which frequently means that common sense is totally abandoned in the quest for bureaucratic excellence.

tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie

I have done everything legally and had my daily rest but made a booboo on the manual entry OMG mate,.. It would be perfectly obvious to any DVSA examiner that you have simply made a data input error.

Spanking people for data entry errors this way round is nothing to do with road safety. That IS bad. Me neither, never have done one, never will.

While in those cases any infringement along those lines was also noted as a mode switch error during analysis. Advanced search. It could be visible on your card for the life of the card depending on use but it's only stuff in last 28 days plus current day that gets analysed by DVSA and if they can see it after that they can't act on it.

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tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie

Get the family together, leave home immeadiately, change all your identities, new passports etc, leave the UK, and lie low until the heat dies off!! Sun Jun 17, 2012 9: I think people get hung up on the point of these digi tachos.

Bearing in mind if you know how to make a manual entry then how difficult can it be to make another one to correct a previous one.

tachograph manual entry instructions how to tie