What does biz markie mean

Biz Markie Talks 'Just A Friend,' 'Yo Gabba Gabba' and Drake

The Notorious B. MingeBag 13.

what does biz markie mean

Do you think it would've been as popular if Keith Sweat would've done it? He was innovative but had a lot of heart too. Once the 2000s arrived, Biz was doing corporate gigs and cameos in Jay Z videos.

what does biz markie mean

With RSS. I met G Rap through Polo. I just became really, really popular overnight and got more money. Her name is Fran. To this day, he still keeps a sense of humor about him, still scrunches his face toward the camera for laughs.

what does biz markie mean

When did you realize it was a big thing in L. We were honestly like a big family once we got to know each other.

Nobody Beats Biz Markie

No, with a double cheeseburger. What's poppin': Our closest friend was probably a mile down the road. The Biz may not have been able to translate his wild rhyming talents to tape, but what he did record was worthwhile in its own way.

what does biz markie mean

That was a DJ crew on my block. It didn't really change my life, I still was doing the same thing. They saw me just chomp chomp chomp!

20 Questions with Biz Markie

And another one was when I did an Oscar party — Seinfeld, Kramer, and a whole bunch of them guys was there at the Grammy party. I popularized a lot of things. In the classic 1986 Dutch documentary film, Big Fun in the Big Town , director Bram Van Splunteren captures New York City in its vibrancy, with hip-hop wedging its way forward between dilapidated buildings and police sirens.

what does biz markie mean

Well I was always funny, I always was a comedian. They got me and Snoop, gave me some loot and then I was cute [ laughs ]. Email Required, but never shown.