What the twitter feed called to communion

what the twitter feed called to communion

Aldrin had received permission from the Presbyterian church's general assembly to administer it to himself. Jesus is less concerned about the method of celebrating communion and more concerned that we celebrate it. To have sacrament in virtual worlds is laziness. Let me put some of my own presuppositions on the table: As you may know, Ship of Fools ran an experiment a few years ago with Church of Fools.

what the twitter feed called to communion

What is Communion and why do we do it? They stream a video of their service at set times and people can log in and engage in moderated chat while viewing the service.

Subscribe here. But in a sense, she need not have worried.

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We could take the wine and bread consecrated in person, and that consecrated over the internet, and submit it to a lab at a university and ask them to do a break-down comparison of the two for us. Maybe we could even try some experiments. What are -your- criteria? I might also participate as an observer to see how it goes. I never managed to get an explanation of how any of this made sense within the non- sacramental theology he preached.

twitter communion

Certainly no one here is dismissing the discussion out of hand. Where are you getting these ideas from my post?

what the twitter feed called to communion

By signing, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Developers constantly update and improve. We eat a big family meal at Thanksgiving and take a vacation together… Read More. In the interests of even-handedness, I also recall a scene at a church I attended that claimed to have a very low sacramentality, where one of the children took a cup of non-alcoholic grape juice and drunk it after the service.

what the twitter feed called to communion

Gratefulness works quite well at a distance. He then ate and drank the elements. Thanks again for the discussion.

How Buzz Aldrin's communion on the moon was hushed up

It appears to me, Bosco, that you have not been fair to Caolin thoughtful and considered note. We eat a big family meal at Thanksgiving and take a vacation together…. Life is quite simple for us mere memorialists. Tell us about the edges of your comfort zone.

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Am I correct? No human has visited the moon since 1972, let alone preached from it. Start listening to Called to Communion on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android.