Who invented the roundhouse kick

Chuck Norris can give anyone a roundhouse kick to the face. Contrary to popular belief, he'd kick her back in time and you would retroactively cease to exist.

Double Roundhouse Kick

Bring it back, and then set it down. Who invented the roundhouse kick?

who invented the roundhouse kick

In Chuck Norris. Who has the strongest roundhouse kick?

who invented the roundhouse kick

What is the Roundhouse Kick? Fastest roundhouse kick?

Chuck Norris has the fastest roundhouse kick on record at an astounding 72 mph. A sideways front kick if you will, where a front kick is a groin shot.

Roundhouse Kicks Discussion

How much power is in Chuck Norris's Roundhouse Kick? Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic. Share to: How do you do the Roundhouse Kick?

Who has the most powerful roundhouse kick in the world? Can chuck noris deliver a roundhouse kick to the face? It simply means to strike a target with the top of your foot with akick.

From there, you snap your leg out in the kicking motion. It's common knowledge. Only Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick Chuck Norris.

This kick does the same thing. If you are having trouble picturing the kick, think of it as a roundhouse punch, which comes around in an arc. Pull it back and set it down. Well, I wouldn't say it matters much the strength but the position, but i'd say Bruce Lee. Target is the side of the … leg or the ribs. Cancel Embed. The roundhouse kick is basically when you kick the opponent in the side of the face with the top of your foot and it turned sideways. Merge this question into.

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who invented the roundhouse kick