How tall are medium scope rings

These are important considerations to remember. This may require a higher mount, but largely depends on the height of your front sight. Objective lenses are commonly measured in millimeters and the most common is the 40 mm objective lens. The way and method you mount your scope is incredibly important. To choose the best rings, you should choose the smallest ring and base measurement that is also above the calculated scope height.

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how tall are medium scope rings

Once you have this objective lens diameter, add 2-4 millimeters to account for the tube of the scope. On a bolt action rifle you have to have bolt clearance to manipulate and reload the weapon. Learn more.

What’s Scope Ring Height And How To Measuring Scope Ring

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. An optic equipped rifle is designed that way to gain the most possible precision possible, so mounting an optic improperly goes against the grain and point of the weapon in the first place. The lower the scope is mounted, and the closer it is to the axis of the bore of the rifle, the more likely it is to provide the consistent sight picture required for accurate long range shooting.

how tall are medium scope rings

If the manufacturer does this, add 12. If the manufacturer uses this ring height measurement, all you have to do is add the base height to the ring height, and ensure it is the smallest number that is higher than your scope height. In other words, it should be opposite from the lens you are looking through. My longest would be 50 to 75 yrs. These are personal considerations one must consider as well. The objective lens is the biggest lens, and is the closest to what you are aiming at.

Different scopes should be mounted at different heights, and preferably you want to mount an optic as low as possible when it comes to precision shooting. RifleOpticsTeam - Oct 20, 2015 1.

how tall are medium scope rings

However, this article was simply to give you an idea where these measurements come from you, and help you in picking the correct scope rings for your scope and rifle combination. If you plan to buy a sights for your ar, i highly recommend you should read best scope for ar10 to have good choice.

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how tall are medium scope rings

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How To Determine Appropriate Scope Mounting Height?

Scope height refers to the distance from the c enter of the scope to the outside of the tube at the thickest point. RifleOpticsTeam - May 20, 2016 1. Proper height will be dependent on your weapon, but again, the lower the better.