Mel drive in american graffiti who says

mel drive in american graffiti who says

It faces some stiff competition in that department from The Exorcist — another 1973 nominee — but at the very least, this a film that helped launch numerous careers, over and above that of Lucas.

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Episode 19. One of Roger Ebert's recommendations for a summertime movie on video. Reviewed December 2, 2012. Bristling with humor and empathy, American Graffiti is another one of those contenders for the list of Best Picture nominees that should have won. I Love the '70s: Three of the four friends that American Graffiti centers on were based on aspects of Lucas himself at different phases in his youth.


Good angel this, Pacey. Released in August of 1973, American Graffiti remains the most down-to-earth, human movie Lucas ever made.

Which is your favorite scene from American Graffiti? Clear your history. Review of Mel's Drive-In.

mel drive in american graffiti who says

Curt eventually has a man-behind-the-curtain encounter with the Wolfman in his radio station. Reviewed November 10, 2012. In 1971, a young director named George Lucas was coming off the commercial failure of his first feature-length motion picture, THX 1138.

American Graffiti - Mel's Drive-In

The Cutting Edge: TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Hotel Figueroa. Share this page: Another is the DJ Wolfman Jack, whose voice inhabits the film like a phantom not a menacing one. Updating Map...

mel drive in american graffiti who says