What does hargars chest key open

what does hargars chest key open

A flight of steps leads down into the water, which can be used to find the first of four underwater chests lying next to a lootable skeleton see notes. Log In Sign Up.

what does hargars chest key open

There is a second marauder sleeping on a bed roll to the east. This marauder is on a watch post atop a ramp leading up and north from the scaffold. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Broken Oar Grotto

From here head west along the edge of the cave. At the top you can find the lookout post of the marauder. Thanks for all the great info! Exit east.

Skyrim: Broken Oar Grotto

Entering the building leads into a room with an unlocked chest on top of a table in the western corner. There are various bags and barrels in the storage area at the base of the scaffold.

Capt Hargars Chest

Two rowboats are beached in front of the entrance. You will eventually come to a lever to drop the bridge described above.

what does hargars chest key open

There is a ramp leading down beneath the bedroom area, past a lookout post, to another storage area with an oil slick on the ground and oil lantern above it.

Against the northwest wall is a long wooden table with a set of random armor and two bottles of wine on top, and a weapon plaque above holding a random two-handed weapon.

I talk to her but she the dialog menu doesn't pop up, she just says random things...

Captain Hargar's Chest Key

The tunnel takes you to a storage area with several potions and a chest. Here there are several beds and a chest to loot. The path continues to the east, passing an entrance on the right into the wooden building seen from the far side, while to the northeast is a forge , along with a workbench which has a steel greatsword , a random stamina potion, and a copy of the Smithing skill book Cherim's Heart on top.

Two marauders are standing at the top, talking about a chest they've found hidden on the deck of a sunken ship.

what does hargars chest key open

Beyond that the path follows the east wall of the cavern, passing another ladder into the water on the left, before climbing back up to meet with the eastern side of the drawbridge.

The path follows the west wall and descends to an area guarded by a marauder, with a lever that operates a raised drawbridge across to the east side of the cavern.

what does hargars chest key open

Maybe I lockpicked it during the mission. There are three bear pelts resting on the stacked crates, and a fourth pelt and a lootable barrel and sack on the row boat.