What s my iq cheats level 391

Sources I found are conflicting.

what s my iq cheats level 391

There is also the problem that every IQ test on the planet makes some serious assumptions about existing knowledge, which of course in the case of aliens or AI systems, could be very wrong. Coupled with the data sharing world wonder known as the internet, AI could theoretically be as intelligent as the human race is as a whole.

what s my iq cheats level 391

In addition to the above factors, the score is normalized across the population that takes the test. Post as a guest Name.

what s my iq cheats level 391

Add to that, human psychology and cognitive limits of the human brain are not going to be shared by an AI or an alien race, and the fact that intelligence on the part of an AI should not be confused with insight, understanding or consciousness which we humans can't experience separately from our intelligence and it becomes clear that in this instance, any test is not an accurate comparison between the AI and a human mind, especially when it comes to the ability of that mind to function in society in a useful form.

Edit since you are hell bent on a number: Rather than have two fake geniuses flapping their genitals around let it point out all the flaws that would of allowed the human to achieve a perfect score.


Now, when people write that "Einstein had an IQ above 190", what do they mean? See Henning Makholm answer. The scale is relevant to the version of the test which could have changed by that time. Matter of fact one incredibly huge fallacy of the IQ test is that it is very age dependent. So to answer your question, the IQ test can not effectively measure AI.

what s my iq cheats level 391

But an AI that wanted to be misleading could get away with claiming 175 on a 16-scale instead of 171 on a 15-scale. My instincts say the tails will not be well modeled as normal, because we'll start to see the quirks of the test shaping the distribution.

what s my iq cheats level 391

This is basically one short paragraph in the whole book and I just don't want that someone familiar with how IQ tests are calculated goes "nah, that's nonsense". Worldbuilding Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Years later, the Langdon test's answers were published on the internet, making it worthless.

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Sign up using Email and Password. I'm talking about an AI that learns about humanity by reading the Internet. The fundamental assumptions behind this are something like: Because we already have at least one person with an IQ supposedly above that, and you're telling me that you think it's bullshit to even have a test that's CAPABLE of scoring 250? So that human genius might claim that his individual intelligence is higher than the collective intelligence of the human race as a whole.

The WAIS tests of old a respected paper based IQ test didn't only measure against the correctness of response, but reaction time. Related 134. Another said that the legendary William James Sidis is said to have had an IQ somewhere in the 250-300 range.