What to wear to a workout class

When you want to splurge, go for an all Adidas outfit. It will give you the extra kick in the butt that you need to go a little bit longer and will cheer you up, too. Tank tops are a fairly common thing to wear when going to a group exercise class since they can help keep you cool and if you sweat which you probably will then no one will notice well, hopefully. You'll look great, feel warm, and it's easy to layer over your regular tank top and take off once you're ready to start sweating and working hard.

These are a great choice since they'll be perfect for any type of workout that you would typically wear leggings, from yoga to barre to pilates to running or working with a personal trainer if that's part of your routine.

what to wear to a workout class

A material like mesh cools you down since it's not as heavy as other fabrics, and that's especially helpful when you're breaking a sweat when it's so hot outside that you sweat just walking out your front door. The simplest, most effective way to fix this problem?

what to wear to a workout class

Thanks for your feedback! Maybe it's the energy in those intimate Spin rooms or the blaring music of my blacklit boxing studio that keeps me coming back. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

What to Wear in a Barre Fitness Class

On those days when you wonder how you're going to make it to a class because the weather is so warm, this type of tank top is a great choice. They almost feel like a contradiction since you tend to think of sweats as grey and not that stylish or flattering... You have zero excuses since you're so close. While not at all a new class, SoulCycle has proved it's the reigning king of boutique spin that feels like a therapeutic dance party instead of a grueling workout.

Either way, you're going to look chic while still being able to reach the top of your fitness game. To help me look and feel the part especially as I'm struggling through the final freestyle rounds , I like wearing dark shades and supportive fabrics that move with me seamlessly.

Wondering what some easy ways are to look cute at the gym?

what to wear to a workout class

You'll probably want to wear these clothes everywhere, even when you're hanging at home and watching a movie, but you'll wear them to the gym too, of course.

It's funny how cold you can be when walking to your workout class and how hot you can get as soon as the class starts going. It's good to switch it up a little bit and this isn't straying too far from your fave black leggings, which you're pretty attached to at this point we totally all are. It's qualities like these that I've struggled to find at a regular gym, and they've taken me on a tour of New York's buzziest workout classes.

Sure, leggings are pretty comfortable, which is why there's a whole "are leggings pants? Like targeted workouts, all fitness clothes are not created equal.

Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

This is easily my favorite class in the city. Floral sweatshirts are so cool. After reluctantly giving it a try, I was hooked, but quickly learned that leaving drenched in sweat was part of the deal. You can't really get much girlier than that. It's kind of like how you want to go the extra mile in your pilates class and see how flexible you can be. Just kidding.

what to wear to a workout class

They're a twist on a classic, expected look aka plain black leggings and will get people at your gym talking.